Wendell Castle

Whilst experimenting in Virtual Reality, I constantly and inadvertently create organic forms. I look to make something that includes geometric shapes but then virtually carve into them to create opportunities. Signs of the original form remain but a discussion opens up about what it is that I am making. Is it something purely sculptural, or a sculptured form with a purpose?

In 2015, whilst on a trip to New York, I went to see Wendell Castle's "Remastered" exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design. I was obsessed with certain pieces of his work and fascinated with conversations that I was having with them regarding what they were trying to be. As sculptures I found them elegant and mesmerising. There were balance issues, organic forms and something almost surreal. As objects and products, they were quite impractical but still functional. They were playful but served a purpose. The way they were made was eye-opening as a video played alongside the work demonstrating the techniques involved.

There is an uncanny resemblance to the forms that I was creating in the Virtual Reality environment, even more so since Wendell had slipped to the back of my mind until I had 3D printed my first maquette.

Even attempts to quickly carve into snowballs yielded similar forms, so quite clearly there is a starting point for my practice and I appear to have been harbouring an affection for the work of Castle since visiting the exhibition.

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