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Chris' sculptural practice attempts to impose order and control in a chaotic world. Each piece symbolises a memory, event, or relationship, repurposing materials from their natural trajectories into new scenarios. This reflects the fluidity of history and the future, emphasising constant change. The high level of craftsmanship and traditional techniques underscore his dedication to improving as an artist, showcasing refined tacit understanding of materiality and challenging himself with each creation. Chris' sculpture therefore represents one of the few things over which he can guarantee any degree of certainty. We constantly exist in a state of flux despite our best efforts to order and control our own lives.




“Nice to see you, to see you, nice”, CASC Gallery, Chester



“Techne: Making Art”, Grosvenor Museum, Chester



“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, Chester Cathedral, Chester

“Slippage: The Unstable Nature of Difference”, CASC Gallery, Chester




“Techne”, St George’s Gallery, Bolton

“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, CASC Gallery, Chester

“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, Castle Gallery, Frodsham

“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, UCEA, Ellesmere Port

“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, RAF Cosford

“The Great War”, Cheshire Artists Network, Grosvenor Museum, Chester



“ALUMNI”, Alumni Exhibition, CASC Gallery, Chester

“Above and Below”, Alvanley Cliff Woodland, Alvanley



“Edition 250”, Staff Portfolio Exhibition, CASC Gallery, Chester

“Trace”, Motorcade/FlashParade Gallery, Bristol

“RESPONSE”, Experiential Learning Exhibition in Second Life Virtual Gallery



“In The Woods Today”, Alvanley Cliff Woodland, Alvanley

“The Exchange”, Neal's Yard Gallery, Chester

“Untitled Staff Exhibition”, Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC), Chester



“The Conversation”, Christ Church, Chester

“Untitled Staff Exhibition”, University of Chester, Binks Building

“Intro”, The Cube Gallery, Manchester


“Encounter”, NOVAS Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool


“Open Art Exhibition”, Grosvenor Museum, Chester


“Fine Art Exhibition”, Degree Show, University of Chester, Best Building

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