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Chris Millward



about chris

Passionate about materials and making, Chris will often be found in some sort of workshop making sculpture, beautiful products or crossing between analogue and digital boundaries. He has been a Technical Demonstrator of Art & Design processes and techniques for over 20 years with specialist knowledge of woodworking, foundry casting and digital technologies. He is now a Lecturer in Art, Design & Innovation at the University of Chester and a Module Leader on the Creative Industries Foundation pathway.




Through research projects or Postgraduate study, Chris' research interests span the following discourses:

Embracing the power of AI and harnessing it as a tool to drive forward Product Design education.

Teaching and experimenting with curatorial strategies in digital 'risk-free' environments such as Second Life.

Crossing boundaries between analogue and digital workshop practices with a focus on materiality.

How digital tools and processes can be incorporated into traditional methods of producing sculpture; how these different media types alter the capacities of the maker's body.

nft gallery

Take a virtual walk around a gallery filled with NFTs of some of the sculptures and images made during Chris' PhD practice.

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