Clay Maquettes - 5 November 2019

This series of clay maquettes has been made with another set of constraints. Each one has been sculpted from an 800g ball of clay using two hands whilst sat down at a work bench. There is not a specific base to any of these pieces which can be seen by the way several images have been taken of each. The sculptures have been smoothed just by using fingers, no tools nor water. There has not been the use of a base as in previous series.

Number 11a & 11b

Number 12a & 12b

Number 13a & 13b

Number 14a & 14b

Number 15a & 15b

Number 16a & 16b

Number 17a & 17b

Number 18a & 18b

Number 19a & 19b

Number 20a & 20b